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Random Gibberish returns to San Diego Comic-Con for Comic-Concert 2018 - July 21st


Random Gibberish returns to San Diego Comic-Con for a very special installment of Comic-Concert! Our 8th annual event will take place at Brick By Brick, and will feature a performance with the legendary Stan Bush (Transformers: The Movie), as well as Wither and The Midas Touch. Matt and Dave will once again be joined by special guest Jon St. John (Duke Nukem). Tickets are $15 in advance or $20 at the door. Show begins at 7pm. Check out our social media page for more information.

We hope to see you there!

New Song Update: "HEAR ME ROAR" - Our Voltron Musical Tribute - July 2017

"When all hope is lost, five lions will arise."

We are pleased to announce that "HEAR ME ROAR", our musical tribute to Voltron, is now available on iTunes and Spotify! Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy.

Music by Matt Sernaker, Dave Kitsberg, and Jon St. John.

Lyrics by Matt Sernaker and Erin Hatch

Produced by Jon St. John Productions

Special thanks to Joe Shickman for the art.



Random Gibberish travels to the LAND OF THE LOST...with the Original Cast! 


In case you missed it, Matt befriended the original cast of LAND OF THE LOST during Palm Springs Comic-Con, and they rocked out the classic theme song. The video went viral this week on Facebook, and Wesley Eure (Will), Kathy Coleman (Holly), and Phillip Paley (Cha-ka) joined for the closing Random Gibberish Concert at the 2016 event.

Check out the video and images below:

Official Announcement: "And Then The Zombies Came...A Musical Apocalypse!"

After eight years of development, Random Gibberish has officially started production on our original zombie musical: "And Then The Zombies Came...A Musical Apocalypse!". Written by Matt Sernaker and Erin Hatch, fans will finally get to experience the musical side of the end of the world. While we can't reveal all of the details of this recording just yet, we can say that we are teaming up with Jon St. John Productions once more, and we will have some familiar friends assisting with the vocals. 

Stay tuned for more details!

THE MOON SHOW is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon Music!


We are pleased to announce that our newest album, THE MOON SHOW, is now available to own on iTunes! This new release was produced by Jon St. John Productions, and features our hit single "Straight and ARROW", as well as "Cancelled", "Choose Your Own Adventure", and "Saturday".


Click the link below to go right to the iTunes store and get your copy today:


iTunes - Random Gibberish - THE MOON SHOW

RANDOM GIBBERISH - Featured article in the San Diego Reader 

The following article was featured in the San Diego Reader on August 19th, 2015:


There are plenty of freaks and geeks at Comic-Con, but to Matt Sernaker, who has been to every Comic-Con since he was three, the fantasy convention always comes up short in one area. Sernaker fronts Random Gibberish. For 12 years the singer/guitarist/keyboardist and his songwriting partner singer Erin Hatch have turned out four albums of music that specifically celebrates pop culture. “We try and incorporate geek and nerd culture into our writing.” Random Gibberish doesn’t do love songs. Just conceptual lyrics about superheroes, TV sitcoms, and video games — think They Might Be Giants mixed with the action-figure geekiness of the Aquabats.







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