The Geek Rock and Musical Comedy Band known as Random Gibberish have been channeling their love of pop-culture into music since 2003. With songs inspired by movies, television, comics, and video games, they are sure to have something for everyone.

The band features performances by Matt Sernaker (Vocals/Piano/Guitar) and Dave Kitsberg (Guitar/Bass/Vocals), with music and lyrics by Matt Sernaker and Erin Hatch.

In 2009, they won ABC Television's "Official LOST Theme Song Competition" at San Diego Comic-Con International, and had a studio-created custom opening title sequence with their song showcased in Hall H in front of 6,500 attendees. The band also created the "San Diego Comic-Concert: A Night of Geek Rock" music series, which just completed its seventh annual program. In addition to their Comic-Con shows, the band has also performed at other conventions and festivals including: Youmacon (Detroit), Midwest Media Expo (Detroit), Chi-Fi (Chicago), WonderCon (Anaheim), BAMF - Bad Ass Music Festival (San Diego), NERD-CON (Escondido), Magfest (Washington DC), and Sands of Anime (Florida).


Musical collaboration has become a featured element in Random Gibberish concerts, as the band enjoys inviting convention guests to join in for performances whenever possible. Their concerts have featured special guest appearances by Jon St. John (Duke Nukem), Brad Swaile (X-Men Evolution, Mobile Suit Gundam 00), Caitlin Glass (Attack on Titan), Walter Emanuel Jones (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Tia Ballard (Attack on Titan), David Eddings (Borderlands), Jessi Nowack (The Elite3), and Todd Haberkorn (Star Trek Continues, Attack on Titan).


Over the years, Random Gibberish has performed with many other Geek and Nerd Rock Bands including Steam Powered Giraffe, The Megas, Kirby Krackle, Paul and Storm, Kieran Strange, Time Crash, Mega Ran, The Doubleclicks, Nerf Herder, Allie Goertz, Crush 40, Harry and the Potters, Lemon Demon, Loverin Tamburin, and Kirby's Dream Band.

In July 2017, the band released their newest studio single “Hear Me Roar” at San Diego Comic-Con International, which inspired by the legendary defender known as Voltron. This release was produced by Jon St. John Productions. Their albums are now available to purchase on iTunes.


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